Idaho Moldavite Shipping

Global Stewardship in Process

Idaho Moldavite's policy and mission to engage is World Class Business practices extends beyond the High quality and ethical standards of the Moldavite we offer. We are mindful. aware, and active in tending to the Global Stewardship of the place we call home, Planet Earth.

It it only appropriate to care for our planet as our home and the universal locational resting place of Moldavite. Our Global Stewardship policy and mission are most reflected in our shipping program.

Our goal is to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as much packaging materials as possible. This is mainly accomplished by Re-purposing all materials shipped to us. The family and friends of Idaho Moldavite are also part of this endeavor by bringing all their used and not used shipping materials to Idaho Moldavite. Additionally, the Founder and Owner, AlejAndro Anastasio is constantly collecting discarded, unwanted, and unused materials as part of our commitment to Global Stewardship and Sustainability. Know when you receive you shipments from Idaho Moldavite great care was given in helping our planet.
Our business intention is to ship out all Moldavite and Tektite specimens in 90% to 100% Reused, Recycled, and Re-purposed shipping and packaging materials. Therefore, Reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint as part of our Global Stewardship Policy. Additionally, each Moldavite Specimen is personally wrapped, packed and shipped by AlejAndro Anastasio. As the Founder and Owner of Idaho Moldavite he takes great care to properly pack and personalize each out going shipment.

Please know each Moldavite is ethically mined, well tended, and shipped with great care. Idaho Moldavite wants your experience with us to be both pleasant and enjoyable. We look forward to more interactions and doing business with you again.

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