Information About Moldavite

Transformational Meteorite Impact Tektite

Classified as a Tektite, Moldavite is an impact glass which can be found only in one area on the planet, the Czech Republic.

Moldavite is a very rare gemstone with unique properties of extraterrestrial origin. Moldavite is considered to be the result of a meteorite impact at the Ries Crater impact site in Germany just under 15 million years ago. Incredible heat and pressure after impact threw up a combination of mostly Earthly material mixed with whatever Extraterrestrial matter making up the meteorite high into the atmosphere. Upon quickly cooling, the newly formed compound we call Moldavite fell back down to Earth.

Unbelievably rare, Moldavite is appreciated for many reasons beyond it's and beauty. It is the only Tektite with both the hardness and the quality to be faceted into high quality Gems for setting in jewelry. As a result Moldavite is not only a sought after compund in raw form. It is also a highly prized material for jewelry and adornments.

Additionally, Moldavite has very powerful transformational, healing, and metaphysical qualities. Considered the Stone of Transformation, Moldavite is a well known condition to accelerate people's inner personal growth, path to enlightenment, and enhancement of dream time.

Its scientific structure is unlike anything else. Moldavite is a tektite, Natural "glass" formed from meteorite impact - it is classified as a mineraloid classed to the tektite family but it shows no apparent crystal structure, its chemical composition is primarily : 80% silicon dioxide, 10% aluminum oxide, 3% potassium oxide, 2% iron oxide, 2% magnesium oxide, 1,5% calcium oxide, 0,5% sodium oxide and it also contains many trace elements like rubidium, cesium, Barium & Beryllium-10.

Moldavite comes in a variety of shapes and also in a variety of texture types, colors, and clarity/luster.

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