About Idaho Moldavite

Making the Gem State Shine

Founded in 2012, Idaho Moldavite was created as a resource to acquire high quality moldavite and as an educational platform for this rare and most special material.

The state of Idaho is globally known as the Gem State for its incredible offerings and variety of minerals. However Moldavite is not one of them. The name Idaho Moldavite is based purely on location of residence and connection to Moldavite.

Over the years of buying, collecting, traveling, and studying Moldavite, relationships began to evolve. As time passed, these relationships grew, deepened, and began to blossom into what is now Idaho Moldavite.

Our business is based in the relationships we create due to our love and connection with Moldavite. Specializing in the highest quality museum, collector, and investment grade raw specimens. Our Moldavite comes straight from the Earth to your hand.
Based in the Capital City of Boise, we are the exclusive Moldavite resource in the state of Idaho.